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It’s not just a relationship status on Facebook. It’s a reality for those of us navigating our way through the ever-complicated world of friends and family, co-workers and neighbors. We so desperately want to be great parents, but we’re forever struggling with what that looks like. We want to be a good friend, but sometimes it feels like a one-way street. Our marriages are supposed to be our highest priority, but they seem to get pushed to the side in the midst of a hectic life. After Easter, we’ll dig into the way relationships are supposed to be. When we get to the heart of it, we’ll find a loving and patient God just waiting to help mend our brokenness and draw us back to him.

April 22/23

Normal Like Me

April 29/30

Words Matter

May 6/7

Guest Speaker – Ray McElroy | Former NFL Player

May 13/14

Honoring All Mothers

May 20/21

Messed Up Matches

May 27/28

Dealing with the Tough Stuff


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