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We live in a filtered-selfie world. Everybody spends their days looking at the social media versions of their friends' lives. Nobody's posting pictures of what they look like first thing in the morning. Nobody's status update reveals the ugliness behind the pretty pictures or silly videos. Got a pimple? No problem. We've got an Instagram filter for that. Feeling a little insecure about how you look? No problem. We've got cameras that'll make you look like you just stepped out of a magazine.

But here's the problem: none of it's real. Our online selves have gotten so obviously fake that people are looking for ways to let you know when something happens to be real. We're shocked when somebody posts an unedited, unaltered photo of themselves, and the only way we know it's real is when they give it the hashtag #NoFilter.

What if we decided to look at our marriages, our friendships, and our families for what they really are? What if we had the guts to see ourselves for the flawed, funny, frazzled, and fantastic people that God has made us to be?

No masks. No pretending. #NoFilter



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