A Friendly Welcome

When you arrive at Central, we want to help you in whatever way we can. We are happy to help you out; checking your kids in to Kidzworks, finding your way around, and answering any questions that you may have. Just look for people wearing lanyards, with the “hi” logo on them, and they’ll be happy to help you.

A Great Experience For Your Kids

Children from newborns to fifth grade get to experience the love of God in Kidzworks. Our volunteers help every child feel welcome, and help them to learn about God at their age level. Kidzworks is a secure building, and you can be easily reached if your child needs you through the paging system on our video screens in the Dream Center auditorium.

It’s Casual

Don’t worry about what to wear, just come as you are. Dress casually and comfortably.

What To Expect During Our Service


One way we worship God is through music and song. Feel free to jump in and participate. We all just offer our voices together to God and to express our love and worship to Him.


Communion is offered each week. Trays are passed with small pieces of bread and cups of grape juice in them. These things represent Jesus dying on the cross for us, and help us to remember and celebrate Him each week.


At different times, people on stage may spend some time talking with God. We get to listen in, reflect on our lives, and to connect with God through prayer. If you need the touch of God on any area of your life, go and share that need with one of the people wearing a PRAYER TEAM badge, and they will pray for you.


During our time together, there may be a baptism in a small pool of water on the stage area during our service. This is a special time for people who want to publicly express that they have committed themselves to following Jesus.

Decision Time

Decision Time is at the end of the service. We usually worship for a couple of songs after the message is finished. During this time if you need to make some kind of a decision you can come to the front where our staff and volunteer leaders are happy to help you with whatever your decision may be:  To accept Christ as Lord and Savior, for prayer, or any other decision God may lead you to make.

Central Christian Church

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