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Acts: A Study on Purpose

Do you have a rock-solid understanding of what you’re doing on this planet? A lot of us thought we did, and 2020 pulled the rug out from under us. We’re struggling for meaning and purpose in a world that seems less and less predictable. Stepping into the story of the early church is the perfect way to reengage our purpose as people and as a church. Join us as we jump into the lives of men and women who were willing to risk everything for the sake of the Gospel.

SEP. 5, 2020

The Stoning of Stephen

The gracious hand of God is everything! This message uses the story of Stephen to help us discover what we can receive from the gracious hand of God and what we can experience when we choose to live under God's hand of grace.


Speaker: Dr. David Clark

SEP. 12, 2020

Saul's Conversion

Have you ever known anybody who doesn’t know what they don’t know? Have you ever been that person? This week’s message will take us deep inside our own need to be right and lead us to the most powerful statement for change that can ever be made: “Maybe I’m wrong.”


Speaker: Pastor Erik Henry

SEP. 19, 2020

God’s Plan:
Unity in the Body

What if Race in our world wasn’t the headline but simply just a footnote! The summary of the message is out of Acts 10 where Jesus visits Peter on the rooftop and helps him see that NOTHING He created is unclean; that pertains to food as well as people...unlike what Peter was made to believe growing up. The Gospel is SUPER-inclusive and it desires to draw ALL people to Himself.


Speaker: Pastor Ray McElroy

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