You know, I think people in the church like to put things in two different boxes. Either something is spiritual or it’s secular… it’s Christian or it’s evil. But the truth is that every one of us has been moved by a work of art or a song or a movie that touches something deep in our souls, whether or not the artist or songwriter happened to believe as we do. 


The reality is that we don’t just find God in church or in Christian books and music and media. Everything was made by God and everyONE is an image-bearer of God, whether they realize it or not. So we’re going to take 5 weeks in July to have some fun with popular songs that will open up conversations about who God is, who we are, and how we can better connect with Him. 


It’s the perfect opportunity to invite your friends to church. Each week, our amazing band will be doing a cover of a song that almost everybody knows. Maybe you’ve been thinking about inviting your neighbor or your friend or your family, but you’ve been putting it off. Well, this is why! It’s the perfect time to invite. Take a look at the schedule and make sure you don’t come to church alone!

July 4, 2021


We’re all a mess, but even in our mess, we can freely express our gratitude and praise to God and it can be real and accepted by him. The mess doesn’t mean the hallelujahs are less real--instead, they are able to be given with even more excitement as we see how much we’ve been forgiven!

July 11, 2021


Crazy can be good! When we finally realize that living the life the world tells us to live doesn’t work, we start to see that the crazy, upside-down life of Jesus lines up with the way we were created to live. It seems counterintuitive, but the crazy life might be the most healthy life we can pursue.

July 18, 2021

Living for the End of the Road