Kids Running


Starting the first weekend in August (July 31 & Aug 1) we will no longer require registration for Kidzworks.


When you arrive to Kidzworks on the weekend, you will check your child in with the check-in person, or simply use one of the self check-in stations. 

Even though we will no longer require registration, we will still have a capacity limit on some rooms. Unfortunately, currently we do not have enough leaders serving in the rooms to accept a large number of children. To ensure your child can get into Kidzworks during the service, please be on time. Check-in opens 15 minutes before the services start (4:45, 8:45, & 10:15), and check-in closes 15 minutes after the services start (5:15, 9:15, & 10:45). 

We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate through the best and safest ways to start removing some of the restrictions that had been set in place.