Dear Central Christian Church Members,

We love our church and are proud of the quality of ministry she provides for her people.  A strong leadership is essential in continuing the effectiveness of our congregation.  We ask that you prayerfully consider members within our body that you would like to recommend for church office.  Write-ins or recommendations from the floor will not be possible as every member has the same opportunity to express his or her ideas on this form.  Please refer to the Scriptural qualifications listed below.



  1. Use the recommendation blank at the bottom of this sheet.

  2. Prayerfully read I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 om reference to the office of elder and read Acts 6:3 and I Timothy 3:8-12 in reference to the office of deacon. Read the following from the Church Constitution concerning these offices: Elders – shall consist of men selected by the congregation. The term shall be four years. Any elder, after four years of consecutive service shall be ineligible during the following year to serve in any office. The present elders are – Brian Barnhardt,  Gregg Brusven, David Clark, Dick Johnson, Vern Johnson, Mike McCutcheon, Joel Purdy, Jon Urish,  Cecil Youngblood.  Richard Johnson, Brian Barnhardt, Mike McCutcheon, and Jon Urish four year terms are completed and they are ineligible for any elected office.

  3. Deacons – shall consist of men or women selected by the congregation to give assistance to the elders in carrying out the functions of the church. The term of the deacons shall be one year.  At the end of said year, the deacons will be eligible to serve additional yearly terms, if so requested by the elders and with congregational approval. Any deacon, after four years of consecutive service shall be ineligible during the following year for any elected office. The present deacons are Kay Fields, Mary Lou Nimz, Denise Anderson, Debbie Fischer, Helen Delany and Deb Sweger.  Mary Lou Nimz and Deb Sweger are ineligible to serve in 2021.

  4. Trustees – Shall consist of three men or women selected by the congregation. The term of the trustees shall be three years. Any trustee, after three years of consecutive service shall be ineligible during the following year for any elected office. The present trustees are Nicole Yoss, Jeremy Olivotti and Tim Holcomb.  Tim Holcomb is ineligible to serve in 2021.

  5. Recommend the appropriate people for the offices. You may either mail the form to the Church or place the form in the offering buckets by October 10, 2020. The elders, by constitution directive, shall be charged with the responsibility of ascertaining the willingness, desire, qualifications and commitment of those recommended.

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